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Urgent Help Needed To Save Tortoises From Death At Rescue Centre


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Out of over 2,600 tortoises handed to an official government 'rescue'

centre in Spain, only 76 can now be accounted for. The center admits

"sacrificing" (deliberately killing) large numbers of these tortoises,

handed to them in good faith by members of the public who were led to

believe their pet tortoises were going to have a better life in the wild.

Some of the reasons cited are bizarre and make no sense whatsoever. People

who have kept a tortoise for years in the garden are being threatened with

jail unless they surrender animals to this killing station, while at the

same time, vast tracts of critical habitat are destroyed daily to serve

intensive agriculture, and to build roads, train lines and golf courses.

Thousands of tortoises die as a result of this activity and the law does

nothing. THIS HAS TO STOP. We need YOUR help to spread the word and get

some serious pressure put on the authorities to change their approach.

Full details and a link to the petition here:


It is VITAL that we get the word out and get signatures from all over the

world. As proved many times, this can work. Please sign and spread the

petition via Facebook, Twitter and tortoise groups and forums.

A sensible, practical and humane strategy to this carnage does exist and is

being backed by leading specialists and conservation organizations. We need

the authorities to listen.... and to stop this crazy slaughter right NOW.

You signature will help them to take notice. This is urgent. With every

day, more tortoises die.

Thank you,

Andy Highfield


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