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Ett inlägg från Tortoise Trust's forum

In a nutshell, from an entirely practical perspective, I think that the Alpin Testudo products are very good. I cannot say they are "perfect", exactly, as I really do think we need to do more work on establishing the exact moisture contents, balances, and such of the wild diet - but they are without doubt in a totally different league than the mass produced "junk food" pellet type diets we are so unfortunately familiar with. Totally avoid anything containing products that result in rapid fermentation: that means fine base grinds, cereal derivatives, molasses, sugars and things of that nature. The Alpin Testudo range is also properly quality controlled, with far more honest labeling than is usual in the reptile food industry. If using this type of product, look for long, coarse fibres, the absence of cereal ingredients, and a protein content below 10% on a dry matter basis. I agree with Jordi that the Alpin Pre-Testudo is well worth trying.

I have absolutely no connection whatsoever with them, by the way. So I am not saying this for any personal advantage. I have never even had any contact with them. I do, however, think they have developed by far the best source of safe, dry food on the market. That opinion is based purely upon an analysis of their ingredients and some trial reports from users all over Europe over the past few years (long enough to demonstrate some impressive real-world results, for example Per-Anders' tortoises).

So - I'd say give it a try and see how you get on. In particular, start comparing:

1) Faecal pellet consistency

2) Growth rates





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