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Det är en Mauremys reevesii. tidigare kallades den chinemys reevesii


Det är en vatten/kärr -sködpadda som gärna spenderar en hel del tid på land.

Såg att det finns 548 farmar i Kina som "odlar" Mauremys reevesii.

M. reevesii is one of the species raised on China's turtle farms. According to a 1998 survey, 548 farms raised this turtle species in four provinces in China. The statistical data from different provinces were in different formats; however, two provinces reported 20,650 turtles living on 26 farms, with 5,000 animals reproduced annually; the other two provinces reported the total weight of their turtles, namely some 260 tons of these animals on 522 farms. Over the five-year period, 1990–1995, 13 traditional Chinese medicine factories consumed 430 tons of C. reevesii plastrons.

Rätt trevlig sköldpadda, blir inte speciellt stor


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